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Demystify Cyber is a boutique cybersecurity business aimed at simplifying all things cyber and  supporting businesses to enhance their protection against cybercrime.
The Directors, Cody Byrnes and Amanda-Jane Turner, between them have 35 years combined experience working in the  cyber security industry and are passionate about protecting people from cybercrime



Director and Co-founder, Demystify Cyber

Cody has over 15 years experience in the cyber industry across Defence, Law Enforcement and private sector. Cody's passion to protect others motivated him to join the Australian Army at 17 years old, and has continued to drive him to protect the community against cybercriminals and foreign espionage at the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). Cody's innovative yet considered approach has helped him to develop strategic and operational solutions, both offensive and defensive, to protect companies, government departments and deter cybercriminals from targeting Australia.



Director and Co-founder, Demystify Cyber

Amanda-Jane Turner is a cybercrime specialist with an interest in the mechanisms and mitigation of cybercrime. She is a firm believer that diversity in all its forms should be encouraged to promote innovation and find solutions to challenges facing the world. She has won multiple InfoSec industry awards, and in 2019 she was in the first cohort to be named a Fellow of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA). Amanda-Jane is an Adjunct lecturer in Criminology, presents on cybercrime at cyber security conferences, writes books on the subject, and is the co-founder of Demystify Cyber, which was established to help people stay safer from cybercrime.