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Fact Sheet - 5 ways to keep your social media account secure

Updated: Mar 23

It can be really hard to get your social media accounts back after they have been compromised, so let's look at ways to keep them safer.

1. Use unique and strong passwords for each account (use a password manager to help you with this. at Demystify Cyber we use Bitwarden)

2. Sign up to Troy Hunt's Have I been pwned service to get notification if your email/assword has been invovled in a database credential dump

3. Be cautious of links you click on social media posts, emails, text messages or emails.

4. Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) where possible on your social media and email accounts

5. Check what third-party apps your social media acocunt has authorised. Remove any that are not being used or you do not recognise.

Written by A. Turner

© A. Turner 2021 https://www.demystifycyber.com.au/

Provided for general information and education purposes

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