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Cybersecurity terms - VPN

Updated: Mar 23

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) disguises your computer's IP address by routing your internet traffic through the VPN service. Your IP address is a unique number belonging to a computer or network that can link you to your online activity, show your general geographical location, and allow your browsing history to be used to serve up 'relevant' advertisements. A VPN can help protect your privacy and sensitive data online, whether you are on the internet from home, business, or when you are using a public Wi Fi network.

A VPN uses encryption, so not only is your IP address private when using the internet but the traffic is encrypted. It is important to note however that if the VPN provider keeps logs they will have information on your internet activity. There are some VPN services that have a policy of not keeping logs.

Some countries ban the use of VPNs so please ensure using a VPN is permitted in your country before you use one.

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