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Cybersecurity terms - Vulnerabilities and Patching

Updated: Mar 23

Software and technology evolve fast, and at times they may have an inadvertent flaw in them. Vulnerabilities in technology or software code can be exploited by criminals to gain unauthorised access to a computer, smart device, network, or any other connected technology. Technology and software companies release security patches to fix or mitigate security flaws that have been discovered in their code.

Key points

1. Vulnerabilities – A flaw in code, hardware or systems may be exploited by criminals to gain access to restricted systems

2. Zero day - A vulnerability that is not widely known about, except by the criminals exploiting it, and where there is yet no known fix, is called a zero-day exploit.

3. Exploits - Criminals can exploit vulnerabilities in applications and use these to steal passwords, gain access to networks and install malware

4. Patches - Software companies release security patches is to fix or mitigate security flaws.

5. Patching - All users of technology, whether individuals or corporate entities need to ensure they keep their systems and software current and patched as this helps to protect the technology from criminal exploitation.

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