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Fact Sheet - Cybersecurity for individuals

Updated: Mar 23

It is important that all users of technology understand the basics of how to keep themselves safer in the digital world. Cybercrime is ever evolving, and technology is always changing, the more interconnected the world becomes, the greater the opportunity for criminals to

misuse technology. Below are ten considerations for the cybersecurity of individuals.

1. Keep software patched

2. Use reputable and up to date antivirus software

3. Use strong unique passwords – do not reuse passwords

4. Use 2FA or MFA wherever possible

5. Be vigilant about phishing, vishing and smishing scams

6. Protect your PII and understand how to help others protect theirs

7. Be cautious what you download or on what links you click

8. Back up data regularly and store offline

9. Review online accounts and credit reports

10. Take care what you post online about your job, accesses, and location

What to do if you are a victim of cybercrime

• Australia, please report the matter via https://www.cyber.gov.au/report

• Australia, If you need advice about identity theft please contact IDCare https://www.idcare.org/

• Australia, If you wish to report cyberbullying, harmful online images or illegal or harmful online content please contact the e-safety commissioner https://www.esafety.gov.au/report

• UK, please report via report.ncsc.gov.uk

• USA, please report via https://www.ic3.gov/

Written by A. Turner

© A. Turner 2021 https://www.demystifycyber.com.au/

Provided for general information and education purposes

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